How Do Relaxation Beverages Work?

Relaxation beverages contain a proprietary blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and natural flavors that promotes a healthy immune system. Users of such drinks report a subtle sense of calm and an improved mood with each use. Relaxation shots are available in both original formula for regular daytime use, and P.M. formulas for nighttime use. Both types of relaxation drinks are sugar free, calorie free and carbohydrate free for a healthy dietary supplement that can help to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Coffee, tea, soft drinks and sports drinks are loaded with high levels of sucrose, fructose, caffeine and other sweeteners that combine to jump start the human body. Many people opt for coffee or tea in the morning to help them get moving but continued use of these drinks throughout the day will lead to fatigue, stress, anxiety and a frazzled nervous system.

Relaxation shots do not contain any caffeine or sugar so the shot you are drinking is free of the ingredients that cause many people to become jittery and tense. Not everyone reacts to sugar and caffeine the same but studies show that even small amounts can cause some people to have panic attacks, dizzy spells and in some rare cases an increased heart rate.

By avoiding the common “energy” ingredients relaxation drinks are able to provide consumers with an alternative to the rush solution used to combat tiredness and lack of focus. These beverages combines herbal extracts, vitamins and natural flavors in a soothing green tea flavor that replaces the need for speed with a relaxing, calm mood that lets people get through their busy afternoons with a clear focus and manageable stress levels.

In some ways relaxation beverages work by being the anti-coffee or anti-sugar drink. So many people are stuck in the pattern of adding more caffeine and sugar to their bodies when in fact what they really need is a reduced amount of stimulants to calm the body down. Relaxation drinks are marketed to offer an alternative drink remedy for stress and fatigue.