Choosing Beverages for Your Party

When you are having a party, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration when you are trying to select beverages. What you offer to drink will be very different at Christmastime than in the summer, or if your party is late morning versus early evening. Where your party is located will also help you determine what to serve, as will the type of tone you want to set.

Something for everyone:
It is important when having a party to include everyone’s drink taste and to have something available for all likes and dislikes. This does not mean that you need to offer every beverage known to man or that you need to have a full bar available. However, you might want to have on hand a white wine, a red wine, beer and a couple of hard liquor options, or a mixed drink like pitchers of margaritas or martinis. Be sure to keep a variety of mixes on hand, as well as non-alcoholic options for those who don’t want to drink alcohol.

A formal affair:
If you are striving for a more formal tone, and are perhaps having a sit-down meal, then pre-dinner cocktails are in order. On the table you may have just a bottle or red wine and a bottle of white wine per each 4 guests. This gives your guests the choice. If you have help with serving, they may want to keep an eye on empty bottles and replace them as needed. Another great touch is an after dinner wine or a dessert wine. These wines can be enjoyed on their own or with a dessert, just be careful in matching the dessert wine to the dessert.

Something celebratory:
If you are celebrating a new job, an engagement, a wedding, a new baby, retirement or anything else, then your only choice is champagne or a sparkling wine. Many people find champagne too dry, therefore the sweeter sparkling wines make a great replacement and you still get the fun of the exploding cork. So lift your glass high and make a toast with some bubbly. It’s the perfect way to celebrate.

Fun in the Sun:
If your party is an outdoor one, like 4th of July or Cinco de Mayo, or even just an old-fashioned cookout, there are so many options for beverages. Having something for everyone is essential. Offering a pre-mixed fruity light drink will be a hit definitely. Mix up a batch of sangria with some red wine and fruit or a wine punch to dip into and you’ll have happy partygoers! Make sure you keep your summer party drinks cool for your guests and have lots on hand, especially if you are outside. Another consideration in hot weather is to make sure your guests avoid heat stroke, so keep lots of water on hand also to hand out, maybe alternating it with the alcoholic beverages.