Fast Food and Weight Loss: Can You Lose Weight With Fast Food?

Fast food is promoted by television, radio, classifieds ads, billboards, word of mouth, etc. This type of media presence sometimes makes it nearly impossible to stay away from fast food, especially when we are trying to eat healthier foods and lose weight.

Fast food restaurants are making a very good attempt to include more healthful foods on their menus. For instance, one fast food chain is offering a bean burrito that contains only 350 calories and a mere 8 grams of fat with a whopping 9 grams of fiber.

That’s one healthy bean burrito. The problem is that most people don’t just want one bean burrito. They want the side items that go with the burrito, such as fries and other highly caloric foods.

It’s no surprise that the average number of calories in a meal for the majority of overweight people is 957.

As can be seen from the paragraph above, it’s not where the food comes from that causes people to become overweight. What makes a person overweight is whether or not his total calorie intake exceeds his total calorie expenditure.

Fast food is not directly to blame for weight gain. In fact, a person could eat fast food for every meal, every day for ten years, and not gain a single ounce of weight on his body.

So, eat as much fast food as you want, and just make sure not to exceed your caloric limits.