Processed or Cooked Food Is all about Ingredients

Once relegated to suporting roles, ingredients and flavours have moved centrestage in an increasingly sophisticated and diverse food industry. The food preferences of today’s consumers are constantly consumers are constantly changing and evolving from healthy to indulgent, exotic to indigenous and from convenience to haute cuisine. As a result flavours and ingredients are driving industry trends as never before.

Whether processed or cooked food, or beverages , ingredients are central to the taste, texture, appearance and performance. As such, ingredients drive development of new menu items and more varied and interesting products. Also global flavour markets continue to evolve rapidly in line with consumer taste preference. And unlike other ingredients, flavour delivers a single taste and aroma effect to food or beverages.

The key drivers in today’s specialist ingredients markets are the accelerating trends towards snacking and convenience, together with the internationalisation of food markets through the global expansion of food manufacturing and food service companies and their mission to provide consistent high quality prepared food products. The growth in demand for convenient ready to use foods to match modern lifestyles and for fresh natural food products which yield higher flavour impact, ranging from savoury to traditional to ethnic tastes, has led to a proliferation of new product developments and innovation thereby providing significant growth opportunities for competent ingredient suppliers capable fo delivering the requisite technologies and range of ingredient systems to service the global marketplace.

Ingredients perform a vriety of useful functions in food that we often take for granted. Since most of us no longer grow our own foods, additives help keep food safe, wholesome, and appealing while en route to markets. Food ingredients play key role in maintaining the qualities and characteristics consumers desire.

There are a large number of ingredients that go into food processing like sugar, spices,starch, flavours,color, preservatives, oils & fats, mint, masalas, meat meals, oleoresins and so on. With the food processing industry set for a major leap, the manufacturers and suppliers of ingredients have also the potential to make it big.